E9.2 Master Routing


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JDE 9.2
Oracle Database - 19c

The current process at my company for loading Master Routing data into JDE is utilizing BizTalk to map the routing fields from an inhouse developed Global Shop Floor to a JDE form with textboxes and then invoking a button on the form to call the BSFN passing in the values of the textboxes as the input parameters in order to insert data into table F3003Z1. The applicable UBE (R3003Z1I) is scheduled to run every few minutes in the Application Manager scheduler to process the data from the Z table and load it into the F3003 Master Routing Table.

NOTE: When my company converted from JDE to JDE 9.2, a consulting firm that was hired mentioned BizTalk couldn't call a BSFN in JDE 9.2 directly like it could do in JDE The only way with BizTalk was to map the values to the textboxes on a form and invoke a button to call the BSFN, which is extremely time consuming.

My company now purchased Critical Manufacturing (SQL Server database) to replace our inhouse developed Global Shop Floor, and the business would like all processes to be as real time as possible instead of a batch process. Instead of duplicating the current Master Routing batch process previously mentioned, is there a JDE API for Master Routing that could be utilized for real time updates instead?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a heap...Hmmmm...Or would that be a stack? (A little Monday object oriented programming humor there...)