Close all open forms within an application


Hi All,
Does anyone know of a way to close all open forms (all powerforms) within an application.

Backstory: I have a landing form and then a row exit, which opens to another form with all the information in form controls. From there the user pushes the submit button and the program brings the user to another form to review and submit for approval.

Issue: When the user pushes the submit for approval button (presses OK button behind the scenes), JDE brings the user to the previous form rather than bringing them back to the landing form (I can move them to the landing page, but then it opens another form and pretty much causes inception). Normally this would be ok, but we would rather move the user right back to the Landing form and close all forms used to get to the approval form. Is there an easier way to clear all open forms or close the application entirely rather than pushing the OK button, which moves the user back the page prior?

I've been looking around, but haven't found any answers so maybe one of you have resolved this issue.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this
The way I handle it is to have an EV01 form interconnect field on all my forms called "ReturnCode" that I set to a value specifying cancel. The previous form(s) check for this value and then execute a Push Button Cancel/Close.
Thanks Neal!!

Just incorporated the Form Interconnect into my application and now I am successfully closing out of applications when I leave them so I don't get stuck in a forever loop of open applications.

Thanks again!