E9.2 Stop Form close after Warning


I am updating a Headerless Detail form W44H501A with the objective of preventing the app from closing after user selects OK. On this forum I found the solution, which is Set Behavior on OK > Save and Continue. This works great unless the user gets a yellow warning message. As we know, the warning message requires the user to click OK twice to save the data, and when that happens the form closes. I have added this Set Behavior on code to the OK button Post Button Clicked, and on the form in both the Dialog is Initialized as well as Post Dialog is Initialized.
Any ideas or is this some sort of hard coding on the warning messages??
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It's unusual but nice to see a question from another Homebuilder, so hope I can help! JDE delivers code in the OK: Post Button Clicked, as you refer to. But try adding your Set Behavior statement on the Button Clicked event instead, as this executes before JDE does its core event processing, instead of after core processing like the Post Button Clicked events do.
i had same issue, using set behaviour Save & Continue on OK button clicked, but if error or warning has occurred in grid then the appl exits next time ok is clicked. I added the Save & Continue on OK POST button clicked and now it stays (i think!) The behaviour is a little unpredictable (we are on but this technique is very powerful for using complex screen handling without user having to leave the app.