E9.2 P31116 Component Scrap not saving to the F3111



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Hi folks

I have a weird one. In PROD, if a user enters scrap in P31116 W31116I and clicks OK it gets saved to F3111 SOCN and I can see it in the next screen, the G.
However in PY UT this is not working and it's only saving to CTS8 (but this an IO statement not a headerless detail type save)

Only difference is P31116 has had BSVW V3111B changed to left outer join to F4108 to show some LOT based fields from the parts list. I then use UDOs to show the extra columns
I have done this type of mod countless times. No code just a BSVW tweak and then use UDOs to add the columns, but these are on W31116G find browse, not the I headerless detail

When I debug, the event Update Grid Rec to DB-Before Form: Component Scrap Revisions - W31116I is getting fired but there is never an SQL to update F3111

Only thing I can think of is W31116I does not like the newly amended V3111B specs somehow and is getting lost in an update?


Update and further info
F3111 has a table trigger so do does F4108. I see both of these firing in thr log, so the update must be firing
Update on this

The V3111B has been modified to be a left outer on F3111 and F4108. Linked on ITM LOTN MCU
If I write ER code to update the V3111B it works and updates fine
If I create my own dummy headerless detail over V3111B updates do not work

So how can I fix this going forward as I need this V3111B to show us certain F4108 fields

If I add ALL V3111B fields, including the F4108 key join fields, it works
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