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Can we run tools release 9.2 with 9.1 software?

What I’ve seen on Oracle support shows MTR needs 9.2 for every TR of 9.2.

Windows server 2008, sql backend

Currently running E1 9.1 with TR

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Yes you can, but you may need to refresh some of your server side (i.e. you may want to go ahead and upgrade that database.)
Hi Dave,
I haven't seen a clear answer to your question so I thought I would give it a try. Yes you can run any 9.2 tools with 9.1 apps. You won't get all of the new functionality but it will work. The problem comes in with your windows 2008 server. The latest versions of 9.2 tools don't support anything older than 2012 R2. The oldest supported SQL server is going to be 2014.

If you have any additional questions let me know.

Soul Glo

Yes you can - we have one instance that is on 9.1 apps and 9.2 tools. you can only got to a certain level of the 9.2 tools I believe it is

Soul Glo

Yes you can - we have one instance that is on 9.1 apps and tools. That is the highest level of the TR you can go with 9.1 apps I believe.
Apps 9.1 can use anything from Tools 9.1.0 to the latest tools release of 9.2.4.x. Some specific tools features are apps release dependent and those won't be available in lower releases.

As mentioned by Schojo44 the update center tools release home page has the compatibility matrix. Here is a quick summary as of today

Apps 8.12 - Tools release 8.96 to

Apps 9.0 - Tools 8.98 to 9.2.2.x

Apps 9.1 - Tools 9.1.0 to 9.2.4.x (32 bit E1 Foundation only)

Apps 9.2 - Tools 9.2.0 to 9.2.4.x (64 bit E1 Foundation option available starting with tools 9.2.3)