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jde 9.1

  1. J

    E9.1 P91300 Scheduler Job Invalid Password

    Hello i saw another users with a similar error on P91300, when i goin to create a new Job, at moment of press OK button after put the USER Password, the application show me this error. This es the log of the error. Aug 28 15:33:25.359019 - 4304/3960 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Calling...
  2. P

    E9.2 Sales order creation with multiple product lines.

    Hey Everyone, I am new to JD Edwards - therefore, you will notice I am not using JDE terminology. Our Integration team is integrating Sales process between CRM(Dynamics365) and JDE(9.1). A part of the process is to convert Quote to the Sales Order. When the user converts a quote to sale order...
  3. R

    Organizational Chart in JD Edwards 9.1

    Hello, Is there any better way or approach in order to extract the organizational chart data from JD Edwards? I do know that by default it is based on the supervisor perspective and, as far as I could see, it is possible to begin from the top until the third level. On P08713W we have the view...
  4. A

    Report Interconnection & Job Status Issue

    Hi All, I am trying to retrieve job status of a UBE after calling it from the report interconnect. I need to perform some process after the UBE has completed successfully. In my case I’m calling R42565 from button clicked event, once this report will generate an invoice number based on that...
  5. P

    C# JDE Edwards world - Emulator sample

    Hi, I'm looking to write a c# based windows application to connect to JDE using simulator and navigate through various screen and input data. Any pointers or sample application will be of great help. System navigator : Version 7 Release 1 We are still on JDE world Thanks for the help S
  6. Rauf

    Deployment in 8.12 and 9.1

    I know how to do deployment in 8.12, TR 8.96.40. Is there any change in the steps if I do deployment in 9.10 ?
  7. S

    Export Order going on backorder when qty is changed.

    A question for all JDE distribution experts. A user entered an export order into the system with 3 qtys some time earlier (lets says 1 month). Because there was no stock available that time, the line went into backorder. Yesterday the stock came and the order was fulfilled with 3 qtys by auto...
  8. H

    XMLP Ouput Report

    Hello, We print invoices from JDE 9.1 using BIP (RTFs, report definitions). If an email address is found, the invoice is emailed, otherwise it is simply printed. After nightly invoice print runs, we would like to generate a report that lists each invoice number, the print queue job number...
  9. H

    BIP RTF Formatting Issue

    I am using JDE 9.1 BIP functionality – RTF attached to report definition attached to a UBE version to produce a BIP formatted PDF. I am having a formatting problem. My RTF file has 2 tables—one with header fields and a second with repeating detail fields. The issue is the large space that...
  10. P

    Procurement Disposition Movement

    Hey All, I'm new to JDE and I'm using JDE9.1. I want to reject a order in Receipt Routing (want to use MOV code REJ "Rejected") Can anyone help me to understand this scenario and how to navigate? Thanks, Prem
  11. E


    Hi Guys, I am curreny developing mobile apps with Oracle MAF, however when i declare the following GridAction gridAction = new GridAction(); I hit the following error com.oracle.e1.jdemf.CapabilityException So when i proceed to debug, i checked that both the server and the about.properties file...
  12. A

    JDE Certification Query

    Hi All, I’m having around 3 years of work experience in JD Edwards technical & Functional Module and planning for oracle certification exam but having lots of confusion 1. How to register? 2. Is it necessary your company should be oracle partner? 3. If my company not OPN partner then how to...
  13. K

    E1 JDE 9.1 Apps Release -- Deployment Server Files Corrupt -- Help Needed!

    I was in the process of extracting files for our 9.1 Apps Release - Deployment Server and it seems as if the following files, ascontrol.ear and E1Local14.CAB, are corrupt: - Deployment Server\System\OC4J\j2ee\home\applications\ascontrol.ear - Deployment Server\OneWorldClient Install\Third...
  14. A

    Unable to get the PDF output while running BI Publisher report from RDA & BV

    Dear All, When i'm running Bi publisher report from BV or RDA getting output in XML format. I checked in application P95620 but there by default output is PDF and also re uploaded the RTF template again but still getting the same result XML output. What could possibly be the problem..? Thank...
  15. S

    Equipment Maintenance

    What is the alternate way to do quick implementation of equipment maintenance if we don't have capital asset management and currently using fixed asset for equipment management? Currently the requirement is to 1) Start Equipment Maintenance 2) Procure material for maintenance 3) Issue...
  16. A


    Hello Team, I have formatted my machine and again installed 11GR2 Client and E1Local of 9.1.4TR on Windows 7 64Bit OS. I have installed DV910 on machine but I am unable to Login to FAT Client. I get 'DBC:00 [IM002][0][1] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no...
  17. A

    Want to Display Customer Aging Data In Report Header

    I created one custom sales report want Aging data of Customer in header of the report like Credit balance, Over Credit Limit, Credit Limit, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 etc.. (This data is available in P40250 application) I fetched credit limit from customer master and the rest of the field I tried to...
  18. D

    Want to know about how to find a matching string in find browse form

    Hi every one, I got a requirement like I have different group of regards in a find browse form. I the same group of records are present more than once then record should not be repeated in the grid but the record must be counted and display count in the same grid. For better understanding...
  19. R

    QSoft installation on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Hi All, Is it possible to implement QSoft V5.2 on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2. We have currently installed E910 and everything works fine on this FAT machine. We have a Oracle 12c Database installed as a local database. We have tried to install QSoft V5.2 but it does not act as it should. In...
  20. A

    Address Book BSSV

    I'm writing BSSV code. I want to create and update address book (including who's who, phones, emails). Are there any out of the box bssv that does what I need so I can call within my code?