jde 9.1

  1. account lockout

    hi Guys i have as400/iseries Os 7vr3, and we just changed the JDE password, the account is getting locked/disabled on iSeries...we would like to know where can i get machines details where the account is getting locked. hostname, IP address?which command shows these logs ?display only comes...
  2. E9.1 Negative availability

    We have a few items that we use both in production and selling. When we put up a large sales order for the item, this creates a negative availability in Edwards. This means we manually have to go in and force the sales order to drop. Is there a way to give inventory priority to the sales order...
  3. E9.2 GL Offset

    What is meant by G/L offset. What is the purpose of it. Please explain
  4. Abd Allah

    E9.1 Create Date Variable

    Hi All : I Need To create Date variable in header section For when the user pulls out the report, it asks him for the date from and Date to Thank you. :)
  5. E9.2 Execute UBE locally without Signing in to JDE

    Hi Team, In JD Edwards Enterprise One, is there anyway to execute an UBE in Local Windows Fat client without logging into JD Edwards. As per Oracle Knowledge Garden, we can use RUNUBE but it seems it will only work on Enterprise server, can anyone tried using RUNUBE to execute the UBE locally...
  6. E9.2 Multifactor Authentication(MFA) for JDE login

    Hi Everyone, Does JDE in OCI have any option to support MultiFactor Authentication(MFA)? I did not find documents regarding this. Please let me know if anyone has MFA setup with JDE. Regards, Babu
  7. E9.1 Assign Math Numeric to DS

    How to assign a math numeric value from the BSSV output payload to the BSFN DS parameter? The BSFN DS parameter is of Math numeric type. Here is the issue in more detail - Can you pls review and provide your feedback? In case of any discussion - can you pls call Aarti @ +91-9545450573 We want...
  8. E9.1 P91300 Scheduler Job Invalid Password

    Hello i saw another users with a similar error on P91300, when i goin to create a new Job, at moment of press OK button after put the USER Password, the application show me this error. This es the log of the error. Aug 28 15:33:25.359019 - 4304/3960 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Calling...
  9. E9.2 Sales order creation with multiple product lines.

    Hey Everyone, I am new to JD Edwards - therefore, you will notice I am not using JDE terminology. Our Integration team is integrating Sales process between CRM(Dynamics365) and JDE(9.1). A part of the process is to convert Quote to the Sales Order. When the user converts a quote to sale order...
  10. Organizational Chart in JD Edwards 9.1

    Hello, Is there any better way or approach in order to extract the organizational chart data from JD Edwards? I do know that by default it is based on the supervisor perspective and, as far as I could see, it is possible to begin from the top until the third level. On P08713W we have the view...
  11. Can we run tools release 9.2 with 9.1 software?

    What I’ve seen on Oracle support shows MTR needs 9.2 for every TR of 9.2. Windows server 2008, sql backend Currently running E1 9.1 with TR Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  12. E1 Enterprise MTR for 9.1

    Does anyone have the MTR for Enterprise servers for 9.1? I don't have access to Oracle Support and am trying to verify that my I-Series (V7R2) is up to speed. Thanks.
  13. Report Interconnection & Job Status Issue

    Hi All, I am trying to retrieve job status of a UBE after calling it from the report interconnect. I need to perform some process after the UBE has completed successfully. In my case I’m calling R42565 from button clicked event, once this report will generate an invoice number based on that...
  14. Can JDE World 9.1 run on V7R2?

    We have a client that is running JDE World 9.1 with Custom Code on V6R1. They would just like to get to a newer iSeries running V7R2 or V7R3 without the having to modify the custom code that is working with 9.1.
  15. Table Conversion on iseries

    How does the Table conversion process work on the As400? What command do you run to kick it off?
  16. C# JDE Edwards world - Emulator sample

    Hi, I'm looking to write a c# based windows application to connect to JDE using simulator and navigate through various screen and input data. Any pointers or sample application will be of great help. System navigator : Version 7 Release 1 We are still on JDE world Thanks for the help S
  17. Rauf

    Deployment in 8.12 and 9.1

    I know how to do deployment in 8.12, TR 8.96.40. Is there any change in the steps if I do deployment in 9.10 ?
  18. Export Order going on backorder when qty is changed.

    A question for all JDE distribution experts. A user entered an export order into the system with 3 qtys some time earlier (lets says 1 month). Because there was no stock available that time, the line went into backorder. Yesterday the stock came and the order was fulfilled with 3 qtys by auto...
  19. XMLP Ouput Report

    Hello, We print invoices from JDE 9.1 using BIP (RTFs, report definitions). If an email address is found, the invoice is emailed, otherwise it is simply printed. After nightly invoice print runs, we would like to generate a report that lists each invoice number, the print queue job number...
  20. New Environment Creation

    Hi List, I have a requirement to create a new environment mirroring our current production environment. We are on 9.1 TR9205 I found the doc- Oracle Support Document 2216807.2[FONT=inherit] (E1: ENV: How to Create a Custom Environment Using the Environment Director (P989400) or the...