E9.2 BSSV Servers/Services monitoring (Custom/Web-logic REST API/Server Manager REST API)



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Hi All,
Does anybody have experience monitoring and retrieving health metrics per service (end-point) from Web-Logic BSSV server(s).

We are trying to monitor our multiple JDE environments with BSSV instances and organise a centralised monitoring/logging system.
As of now we are at the early stages of defining the requirements.
As a first step we would like to query every deployed published BSSV and check if it returns meaningful response and BSSV server(s) itself is up and running.
For that we can just make up a list of urls/wsdl and query them sequentially.

However, maybe there is a way to get a list of deployed published BSSV's from web-logic server using Server manager REST API or Weblogic REST API?

Your experience, suggestions and ideas are much appreciated.



Hi Serge,

These all would be done using weblogic server jmx which gives you metrics . It gives as whole for bssv server or just by endpoint is a question. Going down the weblogic rest api will give each invocation details as well