1. mooiikun

    E9.2 How to Upload File with /jderest/v2/file/upload

    Hello everyone, I'm having issues to upload .csv file using REST API /jderest/v2/file/upload > I'm following some steps to upload the files using REST API but I got two error when I tried...
  2. ONYX

    E9.2 BSSV Servers/Services monitoring (Custom/Web-logic REST API/Server Manager REST API)

    Hi All, Does anybody have experience monitoring and retrieving health metrics per service (end-point) from Web-Logic BSSV server(s). We are trying to monitor our multiple JDE environments with BSSV instances and organise a centralised monitoring/logging system. As of now we are at the early...
  3. Orchestrator REST Connection

    We plan to integrate several 365 components including Outlook, SharePoint, and Power Automate (Flow). I have not tried to use the MS Graph API, but I will look into it.
  4. JD E1 RESTful Webservices integration

    Hi everyone, How to implement a webservice RESTful in JDE ? Can someone tell me some tutorial?
  5. jdecoder


    Hi All, I am on JDE APP 8.12 Tool 8.98.27 we have couple of BSSVs with SOAP . I wanted to know if it is possible to Use BSSV to consume REST/JSON services and if anyone has successfully implemented this combination. Let me know if you need to know more information on my environment. Jdecoder...
  6. BSSV using REST in JDE

    We are building a mobile application in dot net for interoperability with JDE. Does JDE support REST for web services to interact with third party applications? If my understanding is right, I believe we have published business services to accomplish this, but that uses SOAP and there is AIS...