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  1. S

    Orchestrator REST Connection

    We plan to integrate several 365 components including Outlook, SharePoint, and Power Automate (Flow). I have not tried to use the MS Graph API, but I will look into it.
  2. H

    JD E1 RESTful Webservices integration

    Hi everyone, How to implement a webservice RESTful in JDE ? Can someone tell me some tutorial?
  3. jdecoder


    Hi All, I am on JDE APP 8.12 Tool 8.98.27 we have couple of BSSVs with SOAP . I wanted to know if it is possible to Use BSSV to consume REST/JSON services and if anyone has successfully implemented this combination. Let me know if you need to know more information on my environment. Jdecoder...
  4. K

    BSSV using REST in JDE

    We are building a mobile application in dot net for interoperability with JDE. Does JDE support REST for web services to interact with third party applications? If my understanding is right, I believe we have published business services to accomplish this, but that uses SOAP and there is AIS...