BSSV WebService generation and testing problems


Hello, guys.
After 3 days of struggling with JDeveloper I'm calling on help.
Client uses E1 9.2 and JDeveloper 12c.
I've been asked to do some job I've never did before. Requirement is to do modifications in BSSVs.
So I read through Oracle docs and decided to try to build existing Jxxxxxxx and JPxxxxxx objects and test 'em just to get into the subject. I'm using integrated WebLogic server for tests.
But something strange is happening all the time. There are several issues I face constantly.

1. JP420000. I successfully created WebService. Several times I was testing it on integrated WebLogic server.
There were times when it said that passed KCOO parameter is null or of wrong associated dataitem. And this exception was produced by BSSVDataFormatter despite the fact that correct value was passed in (used debugger to check that). When I ammended code and removed BSSVDataFormatter call the response began state that there was (don't remember clearly) some database table query error. Like it tryed to perform some query but with no success. jde.log didn't show any errors, though. Everything finished when on the next test try it responded with "Can't dispatch SOAPAction:null,..." blah,blah,blah.
On other machine it always says "com.jdedwards.system.kernel.CallObjectTimeoutException: COSE#1000 Request timeout: timeout after 90000ms ..."

2. JP000010. JDeveloper also behaves differently time to time. Sometimes in Create Web Service Wizard it shows one set of "selectable" (can set a checkmark in a checkbox inside methods list) methods and other time it shows no "selectable" methods at all. Sometimes the number of "selectable" changes. Sometimes it refuses to create Web Service with error there are two classes with same name and some uri. That was when I tryed to do something easier and selected JP000010 for my experiments. I ran JDeveloper and tryied to build it. It said that it needs J0000100 and J0001100 objects to build. I got them too. What happened then was just bad surprise. When I tried to crteate web service the wizard disabled all methods so I couldn't select any of them (can't set a checkmark in a checkbox inside methods list) to be a web service action. And those mothods stay "unselectable" untill I remove or rename either J0000100 or J0001100 folder. But when I do JDeveloper says it requires removed Jxxxxxxx folder to proceed with building web service. Vicious circle!

After that I understood that there are two possible options: something wrong with what I do or something wrong with overall setup.
So, guys, if anybody could point me to what I do wrong, or even better, guide me step-by-step what to check and how should I do to do right, I'd really appreciate your help.
But any help is very welcomed.

Thanks, Sergey.

Chan Rana

Legendary Poster
Make sure you are using the correct version of Jdev based on your E1 TR release. First try to build very simple BSSV so you get an idea of how it works. You also need to go thru JDev manual and should know Java. Also check if youa re able to connect and process request successfully thru iWLS. You need to make sure all your interop INIs have correct settings.
JP420000 and JP000010 are standard service and should work without any modification. If they throw null pointer then service might be getting it null. It is possible you are populating other KCCO then what the service is expecting. You need to check BSSV log first and trace which parameter need to be populated.

Hope this helps.



Hi, Chan.
Im pretty sure everything is correct in terms of versions, etc. 'cause I've almost got it working. I can see BSSV calls to JDEdwards inside jdedebug.log. JDev behaviour is now consistent, repeatable and thus predictable.
The only thing is that it can't initialize WEB_JITI when calling select query from V0010O BSVW used in JP000010 guts. It tries to perform database query but response is something like error occured since WEB_JITI request failed to initialize (don't remember exact message text).
It looks like I have to add some special jars to the project so it could go all the way. But I can't find out what jars are missing.

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