JDE E1 Performance Monitor with Tools Release 898


We are running E1 811 SP1/Tools Release - with WebLogic Servers, 10.5 (11g) - Server Manager 9.1.2.

Refer to link below, as we are in the installing/configuring stage of the RTE Monitor (Transaction Server), which is all being done through Server Manager. However, RTE was setup on an existing WebLogic server, which has several of our HTML instances running, including production. For some ODD reason, the RTE Transaction Server is not stable as it continues to stop and become undetermined through Server Manager. Is it possible that the RTE server needs to be set up on its own server.

Has anyone used this tool? Since there isn't much feedback out here regarding this tool -- is it something not recommended to use at this point? If you can help to provide any information or tips on this setup, it will be VERY much appreciated it.