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  1. S

    E9.2 Calling RESTAPI from BSSV

    Hi All, Has anyone used BSSV to call External Rest API. I am using JDE 9.2 Version, tools Thanks SM
  2. C

    E9.2 BSSV build on webdev (FAT) client does nothing

    I'm working on building a lab with the latest tools release and have a strange issue with performing BSSV builds from any FAT client other than the deployment server. When a BSSV build is done on the deployment server, it builds fine. R9621S is launched and does nothing and R9622C then...
  3. I

    Load Balancing BSSV instances on OCI

    Hi Everybody, We are implementing JDE 9.2 on OCI. Currently, our HTML instances are hosted on weblogic server and we have an oracle load balancer hosted above our web servers for high availability, load balancing and fail over. Now, we are looking for similar configuration for our bssv instance...
  4. P

    Make ProcessVouhcerMatch work on Localization

    HI All, Is there any workaround to make these BSSV's work on localization's? I was thinking to develop a whole new BSFN to bring everything together and mimic the manual voucher match or voucher creation process of P0411+P4314, it would be great if anyone can share their expert input. Also...
  5. L

    BSSV for RSS using TLS1.2 on WebSphere

    Hi all, Is anyone using BSSV for RSS on WebSphere with TSL 1.2. We are trying but have a problem as a wireshark capture indicates that the connection is being downgraded to TLS 1.0 which the supplier web site rejects as they require TLS 1.1 or 1.2. IBM support says the RSS application is not...
  6. A

    Cloning BSSV Server

    We are planning to clone our BSSV server with a new machine and different IP. What are the changes that we need to make for the same ? We are on App release 9.0, TR, WLS 12.1.2, AIX 7.1 OS. Thanks for the help Priya
  7. KSK

    Published BSSV Running Locally

    Hi All, I am trying to run the Published Business Services Locally by calling the Manager class with a test java program. When i am running the test java program , I am getting the below mentioned exception .. Please guide. Error Message : The target GLManagerTest.java cannot be started...
  8. AnilKumar9

    Calling UBE from NER via BSSV -SOAPUI

    Good day everyone, I have a requirement where i need to call a UBE from BSSV. I have created a sample NER and called UBE inside the NER, and created a BSSV as well to test it. When i test from a test class the NER calling the UBE successfully on the DV server. After Deployment when i try to...
  9. W

    Error in deserializing body when consuming getSalesOrder Business Service in .NET

    I follow @ONYX's steps to consume BSSV in .NET Visual Studio: https://www.jdelist.com/vb4/showthread.php/42405-Consume-Business-Service-in-NET/page2 I can getAddressBook and lookupWorkOrders with success. But when I try getSalesOrder it throws an exception: Error in deserializing body of reply...
  10. V

    BSSV Transaction rollback

    Hi List, I have the issue with custom Inventory Cycle Count BSSV. The BSSV always stops after about 900 sec. with the following error: 26 gen 2018 03:35:40,632 [WARN ] - [JDBJ] Usage Tracking: Transaction Active took 899.872 ms: transaction (rollback). 26 gen 2018 03:35:40,635...
  11. M

    BSSV to pull multiple ship to and multiple branch plants

    I need to develop a BSSV to pull based on multiple ship to and multiple branch plants from the F4201. How to select based on multiple Ship to. Has anybody Developed anything like that. It will be DB BSSV.
  12. E

    BSSV Output Issue(MathNumeric to Integer)...

    Hi ALL I have some troubles in converting Mathnumeric and Integer.. I'm trying to covert MathNumeric to Integer when I got value from Output.. But it seems not works . The following is my code. Thanks //map output parameters to output value object...
  13. D

    Business Function Issue

    Hello there! I'm starting my studies at business service, and I'm actually following some guides that we have here in our company and some that I found on the internet, but I have some questions about it. Someone can help me with this? I have seem that you have to create a Internal Value...
  14. AnilKumar9

    Error While Testing BSSV in 9.2 Demo

    Good Day to all JDE Experts, I'm facing the below all Warnings, when i try to test my Code by creating sample Java Class in Jdeveloper software. Details: SYSTEM : 9.2 Demo JDeveloper:12.1.3 32bit JDK: jdk-8u21 WebLogic: fmw_12. Local web : Installed Successfully but facing this...
  15. R

    BSSV design questions

    Hi, I need some suggestion on below functionality for BSSV. Here is the scenario. I have NER like below NER - Sales, it has below functions. Function A - data structure A Function B...
  16. L

    Bssv jp43a000

    Hi I´m trying to call the published wsdl from BSSV JP43A000. When I call this wsdl from SOAP-UI obtain this error: ReceiptSentin:1000:CAUSE . . . . The record being processed either already exists for an 'ADD' function or does not exist for an 'INQUIRY', 'CHANGE' or...
  17. L

    Error when call BSSV webservice

    Hi I have a problem when I call BSSV from javascript. My call from javascript is: var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.open('POST', '', true); //the following variable contains my xml soap request...
  18. O

    Skills required for BSSV development

    Hello there, I am a JDE developer having thorough knowledge of JDE tools such as FDA, RDA, NER etc. and I have been developing many custom applications using these tools. There's an upcoming project for me where I will be working on BSSV and jDeveloper which I have no exposure to but I would...
  19. H

    Jdeveloper 12.1.3 dynamic connector missing

    Hi, I just installed jdeveloper 12.1.3 for JD Edwards 9.2 and in the deployment server i don't find the correspondent extension for making jdeveloper able to connect to jde BSFN or tables. The file im looking for is "oracle.e1.ide.sbfextension.SBF.12.1.3.jar" and i can't find it on internet or...
  20. S

    Ping Test Failed in BSSV

    Hi Dears , Ping Test Failed when make a configuration for local BSSV server in JDE log the error is : "Error when sending JDNET message .JDENET Error=eConnectionFailed" Please give me your guidance on this issue. Thanks Sarah