E9.2 BSSV build on webdev (FAT) client does nothing


I'm working on building a lab with the latest tools release and have a strange issue with performing BSSV builds from any FAT client other than the deployment server.
When a BSSV build is done on the deployment server, it builds fine. R9621S is launched and does nothing and R9622C then runs and does the client build successfully.
When a BSSV build is attempted from any other FAT client, the same reports are launched but run on the enterprise server instead of locally. No package folder is created in ../E920/DV920/PACKAGE
Are there any sort of OCM overrides needed for this to work?

I don't have much CNC experience so any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.
Do you have a working webdev client on the FAT client, bssv will need correct info in the jas.ini
can you check the jas logs, what does it say there?