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fat client

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    E1: FAT Client debugging- force spawned UBE to run local

    On the E1 Fat client (Tools 9.1.3), I am trying to run the R04572 in debugger. The problem is, this report is initiated from the P04572 which triggers the R04571, which in turn will triggers the R04572. I need to force the local web client (OC4J web server) to use the FAT client as the ENT...
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    Hello Team, I have formatted my machine and again installed 11GR2 Client and E1Local of 9.1.4TR on Windows 7 64Bit OS. I have installed DV910 on machine but I am unable to Login to FAT Client. I get 'DBC:00 [IM002][0][1] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no...
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    Greyed Fat client Dev environment

    Hello everyone !! Here I have a little problem! I explain, after the installation of a full package of Development on a dev station I manage to connect on the fat client but everything appears grey as in the screenshot http://hpics.li/b0fc1ae If you have ideas how i can fix it ? thank you...
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    Remove Task Relationship

    Does anyone know why I am not able to delete a task relationship on my fat client? I have pulled the relationship into my project, went into modify the relationship and want to remove (1) of the child task IDs, but after clicking on the child task ID the delete button is still greyed out.....Any...