Remove Task Relationship


Does anyone know why I am not able to delete a task relationship on my fat client? I have pulled the relationship into my project, went into modify the relationship and want to remove (1) of the child task IDs, but after clicking on the child task ID the delete button is still greyed out.....Any ideas?

ps.... I am able to remove this relationship from the web, but would like to remove the relationship through omw so I can promote it instead of having to go into each enviornment on the web and remove the relationship manually.

Any help would be appreciated.



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When I need to do this I make the changes on the fat client using one of the menu buttons (not menu filter) on the menu screen. Making changes in this way causes the object(s) to be put into my default OMW project. I then move the required objects from my default project (named by my user id) to the project that I will be promoting. Then I promote the project.