Business Function Issue


Hello there!

I'm starting my studies at business service, and I'm actually following some guides that we have here in our company and some that I found on the internet, but I have some questions about it. Someone can help me with this?

I have seem that you have to create a Internal Value Object Class and a Published Value Object Class. Then, when you create a Published Business Service Class, you need to modify some things on the Internal Value Object Class, in order to use it as a output for your class, as you're using the Message Value Object as output. I am wondering why it's necessary. Shouldn't I just create an output class, like the Interal one I created before? And then, there is a "InternalVO" on the code that don't match anything. Why does this happen? I could just follow the guides that I have, but I wanna understand what is going on. Someone can help me?

Thank you!