business service

  1. Business Function Issue

    Hello there! I'm starting my studies at business service, and I'm actually following some guides that we have here in our company and some that I found on the internet, but I have some questions about it. Someone can help me with this? I have seem that you have to create a Internal Value...
  2. AnilKumar9

    Error While Testing BSSV in 9.2 Demo

    Good Day to all JDE Experts, I'm facing the below all Warnings, when i try to test my Code by creating sample Java Class in Jdeveloper software. Details: SYSTEM : 9.2 Demo JDeveloper:12.1.3 32bit JDK: jdk-8u21 WebLogic: fmw_12. Local web : Installed Successfully but facing this...
  3. BSSV WebService generation and testing problems

    Hello, guys. After 3 days of struggling with JDeveloper I'm calling on help. Client uses E1 9.2 and JDeveloper 12c. I've been asked to do some job I've never did before. Requirement is to do modifications in BSSVs. So I read through Oracle docs and decided to try to build existing Jxxxxxxx and...