E9.2 Package oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.base does not exist

Scott Beebe

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I am working with jdeveloper and having build issues on may functions. I decided to focus on one standard one to build. J0100005 has many imports that come from bssvfoundation. I get red errors showing it can't find the needed classes in the cod window. When I do a build it can't find the classes either. As I search the E1 folders for the e1.bssvfoundation path I don't don't see it anywhere. I am expecting to see the classes for bssvfoundation some where. I know something is missing, but don't know what to tell the CNC guy. When I ask him for stuff he doesn't seem to know what I am talking about. I am sure someone here has the answer I need. See screen shot below.

1637269482263.png 1637269482263.png 1637269482263.png