BI Publisher - Formatting Within JDE Attachments

Mike Mackinnon

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I think I know the answer to this question already but I am going to ask anyway :)

I have a BI Publisher report that is working fine. The problem is that I have part of the report that is including an attachment (media object) from the JD Edwards record. I am having a problem 'keeping' the formatting the user has done to the media object/attachment in JDE. When I generate the BI publisher report/XML file any formatting is stripped out of the XML and I lose the formatting that is done within the media object. So my question is this - Is there a way to maintain or carry forward the formatting into the XML file that is generated? I know that I can format the template using the RTF template but I need to format dynamically 'as was done within JDE attachment.

I have thought of several ideas such as parsing out media object into individual lines and outputting but the problem is that the formatting may even be within the line, for example bolding a specific piece of text such as work order number or supplier number.

I am posting here as I could not see anything from web searches so I thought I would ask here. Thank you!

Embedded BI Publisher Desktop - Version Build 5.12.110
MS word 2010 - Version 14.0.7162.5000 (64 bit)

Abhishek Chhajer

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I had juggled with this several times and there is no solution for this.

I have asked user to Enter Certain key identifiers in Media Text that will help us to get specific text in particular format.

Mike Mackinnon

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Thanks for the reply Abhishek.

This is what I expected but was hoping for something I overlooked. It is unfortunate that the XML file being generated does not carry forward the format of the information from the attachment but I can see the problem because of the nature of the attachment format (blob data). Maybe they would allow some of the variables specified in UBE to 'carry forward' some of the formatting in the XML file so you could have the option of using that or the RTF formatting in Word. I know maybe I'm hoping for too much but it would be nice!

I was also thinking of having the user follow some sort of pattern when entering the attachment information; first line only - item, second line only - date, etc.
The unfortunate thing is that they need to put formatting all over the place and sometimes even use a smaller font in order to 'fit' the data on the outputted printed document (want to keep it to only a single page).

Thanks again for reply!