1. E9.1 Attach excel documents to JEs

    Has anyone been able to attach an excel document to JEs in EnterpriseOne?
  2. tboat00

    Transform - Printing Media Object Attachments

    Looking for someone who has created a good solution for printing JDE media object attachments in Transform. For now, I cannot get the Transform product to recognize blank lines as it strips them out of the printed text. It also does not adhere to CRLF placement within the text. Does anyone...
  3. Get attachments

    Hi, I need to get the attachments informed into SKU's. I have found the GT41XX functions. Which this functions I can't get the text attachemnts. I need to get the attachments, but I have more than 1 for every SKU and this methods don't allow to filter by GDGTITNM field. Any idea? Thank you...
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Formatting Within JDE Attachments

    I think I know the answer to this question already but I am going to ask anyway :) I have a BI Publisher report that is working fine. The problem is that I have part of the report that is including an attachment (media object) from the JD Edwards record. I am having a problem 'keeping' the...