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  1. E9.2 Is there a BSFN that can retrieve the Text Media Object from specific parameters?

    Hi, I'm trying to get the Media Objects- text, but it seems we need to have the Sequence Number included in the input parameters. Do you know if there is a BSFN in which I can enter the Object Name (GT4801A), the Key (Work Order Number) & the Media Object "Title" (GDGTITNM) to get the BLOB...
  2. E9.2 Print Media Object Attachment Image File in BI

    Hello Everyone, Anyone know how to print image file of media object in the BI report. Regards, Abhay JDE E1 9,2
  3. Export Media Objects w/ HTML Tags

    Hello, Is there a way to export media objects with the HTML tags? We need the formatting specified in the attachment (bold, italics, bullets, etc) to be exported so that text and formatting can be imported to another system. Thanks in advance!
  4. Larry_Jones

    How to access Media Object Text - External from JDE

    For those like us who use MO Text external to JDE (utilizing SQL, Reportwriters, Forms Management, etc) here is a DB Function for SQL Server that converts the Text to readable format: -------------------------------------------------------- USE [JDE_PRODUCTION] GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.JDETEXTFIX...
  5. OLE Attachment Conversion

    Hello all, We're looking at going to edge from Internet Explorer 11. To do this we need to convert OLE media objects back to their original file. Is there anything additional API calls out there that we can use to manipulate OLE objects themselves? I am aware of the media object APIs to "get"...
  6. Download From F98MODAT - Custom

    Hi, I'm trying download PDF file from F98MODAT, but withou sucesss. I can save a file, but I think the decoding is not correct. Somebody knows? jdeBufferUncompress((BYTE **)&pData, &nDataSize, (const BYTE *)dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lpValue, dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lSize)...
  7. Rauf

    Media Object Setup is disabled in Power Edit form

    Media Object Setup is disabled in Reusable Edit Subform I am in a Power Edit form, and see Form -> Media Object Setup... menu is disabled. Then, how can I do Media Object functionality in Reusable Edit Subform?
  8. Rauf

    Media Objects - Bulk Upload in JDE E1 8.12 TR 8.96.40

    We are planning to migrate from a Document Control System developed in Microsoft Access. We can upload the data into a custom JDE table, but how can I upload the documents ? It is having thousands of PDF files with name stored as DocumentID_Date_.PDF. Anybody, please give some threads to achieve...
  9. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Formatting Within JDE Attachments

    I think I know the answer to this question already but I am going to ask anyway :) I have a BI Publisher report that is working fine. The problem is that I have part of the report that is including an attachment (media object) from the JD Edwards record. I am having a problem 'keeping' the...
  10. Printing a non-text media object from within a UBE

    List, Every couple of years, someone asks me whether we can EASILY print a non-text media object attachment from a UBE. My answer has always been "I don't think so", followed by research, followed by "No, we cannot". The last time I did this was approx. 3 years ago, at a 90 site. WELL, it's...
  11. Manual Media Object Conversion XE-9.X

    Hi All, Chores of fun here - and trying to figure a manual means to explode/convert the 'single' .stg file(s) in XE to the multiple files of 9.x. Correct me where I am wrong: - R8900165 does the conversion of the F00165 from XE format to 9.x format * It is a Single Function Call that...
  12. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher Media Object Sizing

    I have a word document (RTF) where I am inserting a media object into a table cell. The problem I am having is that I would like to only output the first 3 lines of the media object text or basically limit the size of the table row/cell to be a specific height. I have tried using the "Row...