Manual Media Object Conversion XE-9.X


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Hi All,

Chores of fun here - and trying to figure a manual means to explode/convert the 'single' .stg file(s) in XE to the multiple files of 9.x.

Correct me where I am wrong:
- R8900165 does the conversion of the F00165 from XE format to 9.x format
* It is a Single Function Call that Converts the Whole Table
* It Explodes the number of records per, to the number of attachments
* It Explodes the one XE .stg to the numerous 9.x attachments

Our issue:
- We have zillions of Media Object Attachments in XE (Yeah, I couldn't count all the commas and numbers)
- Our conversion of the attachments starts ... then just dies, several days later
- There is no 'standard' or 'Oracle approved' method to do a partial conversion (% zillion objects today, %zillion objects tomorrow ... %zillion objects ...)
- Oracle responds, convert all objects in one swoop... EWE!

Our desire:
- We'd like to be able to run 'partial' Media Object Conversion (some last week, some this week and the rest after Go-Live)...
- Be able to Data Select on the F00165 and pick the Media Objects to bring across (like who wants to bring work center messages that are five years old???)

That said, I'm reaching out to the community to see Who has done Partial Media Object Conversion (Some Early, Some Now & Some Later). How did you do it, and what were the hitches?

Also - any dreamers that are intimately in-bed with Media Objects and have a desire to chime-in, imaginatively - Please Do! We'd like a solution (and I'm sure a few other installations will, too).

Now - if Oracle is Listening...:
- Wouldn't it be nice if we only converted the F00165 and let the Media Object API convert the XE Media Objects to the latest format upon first use? Imagine how time saving it would be to have a 9.x user open a single, unconverted, XE .stg file and have the API Explode the .stg into 9.x formats - removing the XE .stg upon successful completion? Wow, what a concept that would be???

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This isn't a direct answer to your question but have you done things like purge all the Work Center media objects (that is, if purging those is an option)? We did some MO analysis not to long ago and it turned out the majority of the F00165 records were really old Work Center messages (and we use media objects a lot for other things).

I don't make a living doing upgrades so I am sure there are a ton of people better qualified to answer this than I am, but I have never let qualification stop me from rendering an opinion in the past :)...

Could you simply copy all the F00165 records into a temporary table, empty the F00165 and then copy in a subset of the records you want to convert from the temp table into F00165, run the conversion, clear F00165 copy more records over from your temp table, lather-rinse-repeat until done???
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I believe that looking at Work Center Messages and PPAT have been looked at, but I don't know what actions have occurred.

If I understand:
- Copy F00165 to the Conversion Environment
- Copy the Media Object 'folders' to their conversion environment
- Clear the F00165 of all Work Center Messages and PPAT rows (basically, identify their keys and delete them from the table)
- Run a Custom Planner over the F00165 (Since it excludes WC and PPAT - those Media Objects / .stg files will not be converted)
- Delete all Media Objects in the conversion folder that are older than the conversion date

Is that right?

CNC Experts,
If so - we could....:
- Do Purge of F00165 in Conversion Environment (Delete Everything we Don't Want Converted)
- Convert Create Several Copies of F00165, in Custom/Temporary environments
- Have ONE Media Object Conversion Folder
- In Each Custom/Temporary Environment - Cherry-pick the Media Objects (by type, date, ...) - Purging Everything But What We Want to Convert, per environment
* Basically, one Environment's F00165 contains SO MOBJs, second contains FA MOBJs, third contains MFG MOBJs (example for simplicity)
* This F00165 Table Data (not Media Object Folder)
- Run Custom Planners over each Custom/Temporary environment
* Each Planner would convert its own, targeted, .stg items
* All Planners would convert into the same Media Object Location

When all planners are complete - we would delete all objects from the Media Object Location that are older than the conversion date

Does that make sense?

It would be nicer if Oracle gave us a way to target the MOBJs for conversion, rather than an ALL-OF-THE-WORLD approach.

MOBJs have never been a focus point, I guess I'm going to see a few more of these as the half million XE folks finally migrate to something better...