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    OLE Attachment Conversion

    Hello all, We're looking at going to edge from Internet Explorer 11. To do this we need to convert OLE media objects back to their original file. Is there anything additional API calls out there that we can use to manipulate OLE objects themselves? I am aware of the media object APIs to "get"...
  2. A

    Trigger on Table not running from Table Conversion

    Hi, I have a Table with a Trigger on the BeforeRecordIsInserted event. I'm using this table on a Table Conversion as the output table, so that event should be executed in every insert. However, it is not doing this, the table conversion inserts the table but never calls the trigger. From other...
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    Index on Table Conversion

    Hi, If you create a Table Conversion for copying data from one table (F0911) to another (F55911) and with a data selection, for example GLPOST='P', my question is, will the database use the appropriate index by GLPOST although you are not pointing to it becase you only selected F0911 as Input...
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    Manual Media Object Conversion XE-9.X

    Hi All, Chores of fun here - and trying to figure a manual means to explode/convert the 'single' .stg file(s) in XE to the multiple files of 9.x. Correct me where I am wrong: - R8900165 does the conversion of the F00165 from XE format to 9.x format * It is a Single Function Call that...