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Hello all,

We're looking at going to edge from Internet Explorer 11. To do this we need to convert OLE media objects back to their original file. Is there anything additional API calls out there that we can use to manipulate OLE objects themselves? I am aware of the media object APIs to "get" the OLE object from the file. I can do that. My issue comes in when I attempt to actually read the OLE object to attempt to remove the original file from the OLE object.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jon Enderby
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I am interested in doing the same kind of (one-time) conversion to convert all OLEs to FILE attachments. We have Excel, Word, PDFs, etc. various OLE attachments to be converted. There are no active STG files, as those were converted to individual OLE attachments during a previous upgrade cycle. I have searched for tools/solution but have not found anything up to this point. I have considered writing my own custom application/BSFNs to do the conversion, but if there is a good, reliable tool available (for cheap) that can batch convert all of our OLEs, I would prefer to NOT re-invent the wheel. I would entertain any viable options or guidance.