Printing a non-text media object from within a UBE

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Every couple of years, someone asks me whether we can EASILY print a non-text media object attachment from a UBE.
My answer has always been "I don't think so", followed by research, followed by "No, we cannot".
The last time I did this was approx. 3 years ago, at a 90 site.

WELL, it's that time again and I STILL don't think so.
I don't recall hearing, or reading, anything that says Oracle has added this.

Would someone please confirm that we still cannot,
OR, if we can, how we would do so?

There's a few ways that you can attack this problem. If you're using forms software like the stuff from Bottomline you can append PDF documents easily enough. Full BI Publisher can also do it although the embedded BIP with JDE doesn't handle dynamic PDF attachment.

Another approach is to use a third party utility such as PrintCue from AMS to enable media object attachment printing.
It doesn't sound like there is a "vanilla" solution.
Darn, drat, and "rats".

Further, in this case, we need to print additional PDFs AND saved photographs.

I guess we will pursue a 3rd party solution.
(Not what management will want to hear).
I was in a meeting when this arrived.
I almost [size=+2]WOOHOO'd[/size] then and there.

(Happy, happy, joy, joy!)
Just be aware that this method is to dynamically embed an image into to a BIP template. Not to append an unknown number of attachments of varying types to an RD output.
so the attachment url is output by rda then fetched again by BIP. Is the image actually embedded in the word doc or is it just a link?

It is a link in the word doc which is populated just like any other variable field in BIP.
Are there certain file types that would NOT work? (ex png)

I ask because I tried this and it works on my desktop with BI pub desktop, but when i run the ube on the server, the image does not appear. The url getting pulled is correct. file type was my first thought, second is going to be security

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I think the ube server and id should have access to the network folder.
in our case the network folder is a windows server and the ube server is on os400. what credentials will the iseries use when accessing the network share? is there an ini somewhere?
QNTC is the mechanism to acessing the Windows share from the iSeries. The servers/shares appear in the IFS under the QNTC directory. I haven't done the security side I believe the iSeries acount running the JDE services needs a matching Windows/AD to make it all work. Hopefully someone has more on the details about that. The shares "appear" by running the command MKDIR.

so we can't seem to get this to work. is there some special way that the as400 accesses these shares?

EDIT - we can log in with every profile known to man and mkdir and access the share from the as400 green screen

right now it's just \\server\shared\folder\file.jpg as pulled from F00165

so if i do this from my development client it works great. run it from jde as the image is blank :/
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