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Download From F98MODAT - Custom

I'm trying download PDF file from F98MODAT, but withou sucesss. I can save a file, but I think the decoding is not correct. Somebody knows?

jdeBufferUncompress((BYTE **)&pData, &nDataSize, (const BYTE *)dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lpValue, dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lSize);
jdeStrncpy(szFileName, (const JCHAR *)lpDS->szPathTo, DIM(szFileName) - 1);
stream = jdeFopen(szFileName, _J("w"));
jdeFwriteConvert(lpBhvrCom, (JCHAR *)dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lpValue, sizeof(JCHAR), dsF98MODAT.zutxft.lSize, stream);