E9.2 Is there a BSFN that can retrieve the Text Media Object from specific parameters?

Felipe Vidal

Active Member

I'm trying to get the Media Objects- text, but it seems we need to have the Sequence Number included in the input parameters. Do you know if there is a BSFN in which I can enter the Object Name (GT4801A), the Key (Work Order Number) & the Media Object "Title" (GDGTITNM) to get the BLOB converted?

I'm getting the feedback that the Media Objects should've a specific Sequence Number that is not expected to vary; however, looking at the data, I do notice this is a condition I cannot fulfill.

We are thinking on just doing a normal jdeSection Fetch (provided GT4801A & the Key's structure are not expected to change) as a workaround, but wanted to explore other options first.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
There are API methods to get the text attachment content converted to plain text from the blob (it strips out the formatting/html tags). If you don't know the sequence number then you would wrap this with a select first query and order by sequence number based on text type from the F00165 table. You can use this to get the primary key and then call the function. There can be multiple text attachments thus multiple sequence numbers for the same key. If you're trying to retrieve the text that is shown as the default for equipment work orders (GT4801A) then you just want the first one. Have a look at the print work order UBE as it does this to include the text attachment content on the print.