A/P: Wrong Foreign-Amt-Open displayed in Select Receipts To Match (P4314)


PO Header

The user has generated a PO with the same currency in both the PO currency field (F4301.PHCRCD) and the base currency field (F4301.PHCRDC). This currency is the same as the base currency of the JDE company. The currency in both of these fields in the PO header is KES.

The PO header currency mode (F4301.PHCRRM) is listed as foreign (= "F"), but during header display, the "Foreign" checkbox is blank, but in grid mode, the "Foreign" field in the header is displayed as ticked.

PO Details

The order has only one detail line, for an order of 5000 (F4311.PDUORG) metric tonnes of a product called "Clinker" which was ordered at 134 US dollars (non-base currency) per tonne. The currency code in the PO details is in USD (F4311.PDCRCD). Thus the foreign extended price is 5000 x $ 134 = $ 670,000.

The listed exchange rate (F4311.PDCRR) is 87.7083 Kenya shillings per US$. Thus the local extended price is 670,000 $ x 87.7083 KES/$ = 58,764,561 KES.

The delivered quantities to date on this LPO is 4,979.74 MT (F4311.PDUREC).

In dollar value, this equals 4979.74 x 134 = $ 667,285.16. HOWEVER, this is where JDE begins to register a discrepancy, the "foreign amount received" field F4311.PDFREC contains a strange amount of 35,400,926.68.

Even if you convert USD amount received into KES, you get 667,285.16 x 87.7083 = 58,526,447 KES.

The problem affects Voucher Matching. The supplier owes us 58,526,447 KES but the "foreign amount not vouchered" total equals KES 35,400,926.68.

Two other POs to the same supplier with a proper PO header (where the PO currency is in US$ and the base is in KES) do not have this matching problem.

You can see from the attached screenshot that "Quantity Open" x "Foreign Unit Price" does not equal "Foreign Open Amount". It seems to be a reducing balance.

Is there anything we can do to rectify this mistake made by the user in the purchase order header?