1. gina13tiger

    Multi-Currency Questions - JE's & CA ledger balances/transactions

    Hello. We have a new location that just went live on our existing E1 platform, and this is the first location to require multi-currency capabilities. I am still getting acclimated to the nuances and wrinkles this introduces into the day-to-day processing, but I had a few questions on topics...
  2. A/P: Wrong Foreign-Amt-Open displayed in Select Receipts To Match (P4314)

    PO Header ======= The user has generated a PO with the same currency in both the PO currency field (F4301.PHCRCD) and the base currency field (F4301.PHCRDC). This currency is the same as the base currency of the JDE company. The currency in both of these fields in the PO header is KES. The PO...