E9.2 PO Voucher match issue - No record exist in F4316 Account Distribution to validate.



Hi Folks,

I have processed a new PO from Requisitions to Generate Orders via P43E60 Application, followed by Print Process and Receipt Processing are done successfully. Here, MatchType = 1. While perfomring the Voucher Match, I received the error as "Amount Does not Balance to Gross", while evaluting the issue I see that there is no record exists in F4316 (PO Multiple Account Distribution File) Table. Again, the issue is happening on random orders.

Workaround: Cancelling the existing line and re-enter the same information in a New Line along with Account information in the same line. So that Voucher match error is not popped up.

Since, the issue is identifiable only at the VOUCHER MATCH stage and again only on random Order, couldn't able to replicate the issue to take logs.

So, I doubt on whether the insertion of record failed during the PO Generation process (from P43E60) or it got deleted between the Receipt Processing / Voucher match process. Appreciate, if someone can help with your experience. (Sorry to mention this, I'm from Technical background, so unsure about the actual functionality of the process).

Balaji Ramesh