E9.2 Receipt Summary issue with R43800 Evaluated Receipt Settlement


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Newbie here - I've tried searching for threads related to my particular issue but haven't found any - apologies though if this has been answered before.

We use Evaluated Receipt Settlement processing via the R43800/R470412 programs for intercompany purchases, and this works well on the whole. However I'm trying to get this to work differently in terms of receipt summarisation when the AP voucher is generated, and it is not working as expected based on the below:
Alias: S4380005
Use this processing option to specify the method that the system uses to summarize the receipt. Valid values are:

Summarize by order.

Summarize by supplier.

Summarize by invoice.

Currently we have the processing option set to Blank, so an AP voucher gets generated per PO, which may contain multiple invoices from the one supplier. I have tried changing the processing option to 2 and tested using the following straightforward example where all PO receipts are processed before running the R43800 (with Invoice Numbers populated in the Remark field in the F43121 file and the processing option set to use Supplier Remark as Invoice Number):

PO Line 1 Invoice No 1
PO Line 2 Invoice No 3
PO Line 3 Invoice No 1
PO Line 4 Invoice No 3
PO Line 5 Invoice No 2

Based on the above I expected 3 AP vouchers, one for each of Invoice No 1, 2 and 3. However, what I actually have is a separate AP voucher for each of the 5 separate PO Lines (so two vouchers for Invoice No 1, one voucher for Invoice No 2, etc). I have looked at the processing options on the version of the R470412 being called, and the versions of Voucher Match & AP MBF being called by that, and cannot see anything which would stop this from working as expected.

So, am I right in thinking the above scenario should result in 3 vouchers, not 5?
If so, any thoughts as to what the cause of the problem might be?

Thanks in advance...

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If using the receipt date as the voucher GL date and if accounting with receipt routing ensure the first step of the route has a Y in the in the Receipt column
Invoice number should be in the VRMK (Packing Slip Number) not the RMK
R43800 - I normally adjust the sequencing to be based on the VRMK to ensure invoice records are read in correct sequence when writing to the F47041/2/4
Consider verifying the F43121 Remark field setup and confirming processing option settings; expected result with processing option 2 should yield 3 AP vouchers, not 5.