1. Want to Display Customer Aging Data In Report Header

    I created one custom sales report want Aging data of Customer in header of the report like Credit balance, Over Credit Limit, Credit Limit, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 etc.. (This data is available in P40250 application) I fetched credit limit from customer master and the rest of the field I tried to...
  2. How to Reverse or Void a posted T8 - Debit

    How would I go about voiding a posted T8 (debit) on an account. I've tried selecting the line and hitting the trash can button but it always gives me an error.
  3. How to Move a Posted and Unposted Invoice

    I do a lot of adjustments in JDE 9.1and I have been asked to move posted and unposted invoices to a different account how would I go about doing that?