1. account lockout

    hi Guys i have as400/iseries Os 7vr3, and we just changed the JDE password, the account is getting locked/disabled on iSeries...we would like to know where can i get machines details where the account is getting locked. hostname, IP address?which command shows these logs ?display only comes...
  2. Balaji95

    E9.2 PO Voucher match issue - No record exist in F4316 Account Distribution to validate.

    Hi Folks, I have processed a new PO from Requisitions to Generate Orders via P43E60 Application, followed by Print Process and Receipt Processing are done successfully. Here, MatchType = 1. While perfomring the Voucher Match, I received the error as "Amount Does not Balance to Gross", while...
  3. N/A Changing Banking institutions and the Chart of Accounts

    how do companies manage from a COA perspective when they move from one bank institution to another? I have a client that has 1 G/L for every bank account. As they move from one bank to another – they want to know what best practice is from a COA perspective – obviously trying not to have to...
  4. E9.2 What is the difference between P0902 and P0911

    Could you please let me know the difference between P0902 and P0911
  5. Want to Display Customer Aging Data In Report Header

    I created one custom sales report want Aging data of Customer in header of the report like Credit balance, Over Credit Limit, Credit Limit, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 etc.. (This data is available in P40250 application) I fetched credit limit from customer master and the rest of the field I tried to...
  6. How to Reverse or Void a posted T8 - Debit

    How would I go about voiding a posted T8 (debit) on an account. I've tried selecting the line and hitting the trash can button but it always gives me an error.
  7. How to Move a Posted and Unposted Invoice

    I do a lot of adjustments in JDE 9.1and I have been asked to move posted and unposted invoices to a different account how would I go about doing that?