voucher match

  1. Balaji95

    E9.2 PO Voucher match issue - No record exist in F4316 Account Distribution to validate.

    Hi Folks, I have processed a new PO from Requisitions to Generate Orders via P43E60 Application, followed by Print Process and Receipt Processing are done successfully. Here, MatchType = 1. While perfomring the Voucher Match, I received the error as "Amount Does not Balance to Gross", while...
  2. Receipt to Match does not Open

    In Voucher Match Application, I am facing a very peculiar issue. The Form Exit to Receipt to Match does Not Open the window showing Open Receipts. The details of Open Receipts of PO are available in Open Receipts Inquiry. Any idea why this is so ?
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    AP Discounts - Discount Date AFTER Due Date?

    We are looking to setup a scenario where we have a Due Date of 30 days with a 10% discount. However we still want to take the discount in case we miss the discount. The reason for this is that normally we pay in 30 days but sometimes there are disputes on each side that once resolved should...
  4. Invoice Match to Purchase Order Requirements

    I know in JD Edwards an invoice can be matched to a purchase order (2 way) or to the receipt of a purchase order (3 way). Is there a way when you raise the purchase order in P4310 to require the user to receipt before invoicing since in 2 way the receipt is still written ? Looking at this for a...
  5. EDI Voucher match tax calculation

    Is there a way to stop the voucher match program R470412 from recalculating the taxes during voucher match? We have an interface where we want to create vouchers with the taxes entered in the 3rd party system and not recalculate again in JDE. I tried a test by populating the tax...