AP Discounts - Discount Date AFTER Due Date?

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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We are looking to setup a scenario where we have a Due Date of 30 days with a 10% discount. However we still want to take the discount in case we miss the discount.
The reason for this is that normally we pay in 30 days but sometimes there are disputes on each side that once resolved should still offer/process the AP discount.

We were thinking up setting a specific AP discount for this supplier but are having some difficulty setting up the Payment Terms.
If we enter a net Days to Pay of '30' and anything in the discount fields the system will simply calculate the due date according to discount days.

For example if I setup Net Days to Pay = 20 and Discount days = 999 the discount date in Voucher match will be 30 days out and the Due date will be 999 days out from invoice date.
I can't seem to get the discount date out further than the due date (if that is even possible!).

I have also tried using tiered discounts but cannot seem to get it working as it just process the voucher without defaulting into the second, third, etc tier for discounting.