E9.2 R47041 to inbound EDI Voucher with out a Purchase order in F4310,F4311



We are directly importing EDI 810 from a supplier into JD Edwards with out creating/having the Purchase order (no entry in F4310,F4311). Because our Customer directly sends the Purchase Order to the supplier.

But we want to create AP Vouchers using Inbound EDI 810 from the supplier, so that we can pay the supplier.

I want to use the below procedure to import Inbound EDI 810.

Inbound EDI 810 Flat file --> R47002C loads into F47041,F47042--->R47041 loads into F0411Z1,F0911Z1-->R04110ZA loads into F0411,F0911

Supplier sends the Purchase order number (which was initially sent from Customer to the supplier) to us in the EDI 810.

Could you pls let me know which field can i use to store this purchase order in F47041,F47042,F0411Z1,F0911Z1,F0411,F0911?

I was using VR01 on the sales side to store the purchase order. But not sure which field to use on the Vouchers side to store the purchase order number.

Can someone pls guide me on this?

Inbound EDI Edit/Create Questions (R47041) is using VR01 as Tax ( to get AN8) or Supplier address number.

If Processing option 3: Supplier Number is equal to 1, the system searches in the Address Book Master (F0101) table for Address Number with the Tax ID (data dictionary item TAX) equal to Reference 1 (data dictionary item VR01) in EDI Invoice Detail Inbound (F47042) to determine the Supplier Address Number. Conversely, if Processing Option 3: Supplier Number is equal to 0, the Reference 1 (VR01)value from in EDI Invoice Detail Inbound (F47042) is used to determine the Supplier Address Number.

00010 If PO SupplierNumberDetermination [EV01] is equal to "1"

00011 | VA rpt_ReferenceField [VR01] = BC Reference (F47042.0) [VR01]

00012 | VA rpt_TaxIDScrub [TAX] = rtrim([VA rpt_ReferenceField [VR01]], <Blank>)

00013 | F0101.FetchSingle [Index 4: Tax Id]

| RV Address Number [AN8] <- TK Address Number [AN8]

| VA rpt_TaxIDScrub [TAX] = TK Tax ID [TAX]

00014 Else

00015 | VA rpt_ReferenceField [VR01] = BC Reference (F47042.0) [VR01]

00016 | RV Address Number [AN8] = lpad([VA rpt_ReferenceField [VR01]], "0", "8")

00017 End If