E9.1 Partial PO Receipt for Full Amount - How to Resolve


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We are seeing situations where we receive a partial amount, but the amount of the ledger and the amount on the voucher is the full amount of the line.

For instance, I have a PO for 1000 units at $10 each. I receive 250 units. Item Ledger and the Amount to Vouch shows $10,000 instead of $2500. We can see a second ledger transaction for a negative amount of $7500 for a standard cost change. However, the amount to voucher is still $10,000. Obviously, we don't want to overpay our purchase orders. So, we are trying to determine why the amount is not being recalculated based on actual receipt and not PO quantity.

We don't know if we have a processing option set incorrectly. As a note, the items are also going through receipt routing - so it may be a setting there.

Thanks in advance.