Last in Cost incorrect for foreign purchase orders


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I am seeking advice on the following issue:
One of my clients is currently not using supplier catalogs and 'relies' on the last in cost to populate the purchase price when a new purchase order is raised.
However JDE retains this cost in the domestic currency. So for a foreign purchase order this cost is converted back to the purchasing currency code based on the current exchange rate. However the last in cost was written at the time of last receipt when the exchange rate was potentially different.
eg receipt of 60 EUR at an exchange rate of .75 writes an 01-cost of 80
when a new PO is raised and the exchange rate is now .8 the order will be raised at 64 EUR

This was less of an issue when Purchase orders were raised manually and staff could overwrite the price at entry time.
Now we are raising the orders via MRP messages and it takes a number of extra steps to correct the price.

Has anybody else encountered this and found a solution? At this stage my best recommendation is to use supplier catalogs for foreign currency suppliers but that'll add an extra level of maintenance.

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The F4105 cost table only retains values in domestic currencies. There is no option to change this to reflect a stationary foreign currency. If you wanted to use the 08 purchase cost instead of the last in, the users could perform the same maintenance to convert to the domestic that they need, but all in all, if you want a fixed foreign purchase price, the supplier catalog is the way to go.