voucher matching

  1. Receipt to Match does not Open

    In Voucher Match Application, I am facing a very peculiar issue. The Form Exit to Receipt to Match does Not Open the window showing Open Receipts. The details of Open Receipts of PO are available in Open Receipts Inquiry. Any idea why this is so ?
  2. Voucher Matching Error - Transaction Failed to Commit

    I am having an error when matching vouchers on program P0411. After selecting the GRNs to Match to the Voucher, then clicking Ok, I get an Error 'Asynchronous Business Function Error' then 'Transaction Failed to Commit. Rolling back.' What could be the problem please?
  3. A/P: Wrong Foreign-Amt-Open displayed in Select Receipts To Match (P4314)

    PO Header ======= The user has generated a PO with the same currency in both the PO currency field (F4301.PHCRCD) and the base currency field (F4301.PHCRDC). This currency is the same as the base currency of the JDE company. The currency in both of these fields in the PO header is KES. The PO...