I have a question for those of you out there whose organizations are creating more user defined objects (UDO). Our users are creating grid formats and queries and soon watch lists and One View Reports and they are being created in the PD environment. We are starting to get requests for them to be in our other environments DV and PY for testing and other reasons. How are others handling this? Oracle has stated that "The normal object creation and promotion process is to first start creating the UDO object in DV and then go through the normal promotion process using the standard transfer activity rules which transfers the UDO object from DV to PY and then to PD." (https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=2181973.1) Their workaround involves exporting the UDO specs out of PD and into DV and promoting to PY but I am hoping there is a better way. Thanks.