1. Rauf

    E8.12 jdeomw - There has been an error in attempting to add a record to local specs for JDESPECTYPE_GBRLINK ( or JDESPECTYPE_RDASPEC)

    I'm using Solution Explorer on Windows XP on VMWare 16.2.4 Recently, when I check out I get the below errors. It is not "checking-out" the object. I have checked the disk space and it seems its having enough space.
  2. question regarding Menu Filtering (Finecut) objects in OMW

    Hello, This is the first time I see this issue and I'm not able to fix it, And now i'm questioning myself if this is an incorrect configuration or if JDE vanilla works like this. My first problem was that after I apply a finecut to a menu for some role, after clicking in "Save", when I go to...
  3. LOGKEY used in F98210 and F98211

    We are building an application to change the status on a project without using a fat client. This will only be allowed if the change does not involve a spec copy (e.g., DV to PY) or the release of a token. Our first attempt was to use the BSFN used in P98220. These bsfn only run on a client...
  4. Gomer79

    Managing UDOs across environments especially when created in PD

    I have a question for those of you out there whose organizations are creating more user defined objects (UDO). Our users are creating grid formats and queries and soon watch lists and One View Reports and they are being created in the PD environment. We are starting to get requests for them to...
  5. Ovveride Report Specs

    We are on JDE 8.12. I want to take a currently report version, copy it and create a new version in Fat Client. I need to override the default company that prints in the report header, as we are breaking out data for a new company we have added. What is the correct way to do this?