LOGKEY used in F98210 and F98211


We are building an application to change the status on a project without using a fat client. This will only be allowed if the change does not involve a spec copy (e.g., DV to PY) or the release of a token.

Our first attempt was to use the BSFN used in P98220. These bsfn only run on a client and not on the web. We copied the bsfn to a system 69 (in the CUSTOM DLL) version. When we test on the local web it works 100%. However, it fails when we do a package build - still researching why.

Question - the F98210 and F98211 has a LOGKEY as primary key. Per the DD "Primary key to the header and detail log tables (P98210 and P98211) for the Object Management Workbench. This key contains a globally unique identifier (GUID). A GUID can be generated from any computer and be guaranteed to be unique everywhere.”

We are considering our own updates (not using the copied bsfn). But - how do we obtain this LOGKEY? I could not find any reference in the debug logs as to where this value is coming from....