Ovveride Report Specs


We are on JDE 8.12. I want to take a currently report version, copy it and create a new version in Fat Client. I need to override the default company that prints in the report header, as we are breaking out data for a new company we have added. What is the correct way to do this?
Question 5: How can I print the Company Name and Company Number in the Page Header based on the Data Selection of the report?

Answer 5: By design, the default company title prints the company description for Company 00000 in the page header. There is no functionality available within Report Design Aid to change the company title other than coding it at the event rules level. Bug 10899677 requests an enhancement to allow for changing the default.

The following steps can be used to print the Company Number and/or Name in the page header based on the company information being printed in the detail section.

Add the "CO" Company data item to the Page Header.
Highlight the Company Number field and select the option to Associate Description.
Create an Event Rule (ER) variable for Company Number (data item CO) with Report scope
On the "Before Level Break" event of the section, do an assignment of the Company Number to an Event Rule variable (i.e. VA Company = BC Company).
In the "Do Section" of the Page Header, assign the VA value to the RV that was just created.

Based on the Data Dictionary edit rule, this should automatically create the Company Name and not require additional event rules.

The event where this is coded is important; since the Page Header does not have an associated Business View, the Company information needs to be populated in the Before Level Break event and then passed into the Page Header. The Before Level Break event actually processes prior to the Page Header.
Don't use the native company variable and just use a text variable yourself as described above. Get it from a PO value or anywhere else.

It's only text, it can say whatever you want it to say.