1. E9.1 Link Description Field For UDC to Texbox Override

    Hi, It's been along time since I did this but I can't remember how to link a description field for a udc to display to the right of a text box. I have a form with a UDC text box. How do I get the description to appear next to it? See below for detail.
  2. Expense management category changes

    Hello, Is it possible to allow the auditor to change an expense category once the user has submitted it? Right now, they are rejecting a lot of expense reports because users are assigning the wrong category. We're working on the training issues but I was wondering if there was an expense...
  3. Ovveride Report Specs

    We are on JDE 8.12. I want to take a currently report version, copy it and create a new version in Fat Client. I need to override the default company that prints in the report header, as we are breaking out data for a new company we have added. What is the correct way to do this?