question regarding Menu Filtering (Finecut) objects in OMW



This is the first time I see this issue and I'm not able to fix it, And now i'm questioning myself if this is an incorrect configuration or if JDE vanilla works like this.

My first problem was that after I apply a finecut to a menu for some role, after clicking in "Save", when I go to OMW, my Default folder is empty. after seting the OMW logging in "ON" this issue was solved.

Now I found that, when I select this object from Finecut and click on "logging" and then in "Find" is empty, so I understand that the object doesn't contain anything inside?

Also, if I select one particular role (lets call it MENU_A) and apply menu filtering and I block several apps/reports inside a folder, then only one object is created for this, is this right? I assume it's correct, but when I see the logging it should specify all the actions made

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the english, is not my first language