E9.2 How to revert a UDO (Orchestration and Service Requests) to PD spec?


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Hi All, with an OMW object that has been modified and moved to PY, you can revert the DV and PY spec to the original PD spec with an advanced get from PD, checking and promote to 26. Is there any way to do this with UDOs? There's no advanced get in P98220W. Export from PD -> Import into DV is no good - it creates a new object.

So how do you undo changes that never made it to PD?
I was wondering about that. Copying the PD object down to greenfield gives the same NAME but new IDs. So then working on these and promoting them back up ends up in a clash in PD, correct?

I know that rest uses the short name, but I have to assume that form extensions and other internal uses of orchestrator reference the ID, and would have to be re-done in this scenario?