1. E9.2 Using Watchlist to flag no new records?

    We have an external process that pushes records to the currency z files and are looking to improve the system of notifying when the process fails. One idea is to use a query and watchlist to flag when there aren't enough records. Zero records would be an error and less than the normal amount...
  2. E9.2 Non-APPL dependent queries and watchlists?

    Hello Team, I'm trying to understand a little bit better the capabilities of the UDOs Queries and Watchlists. I see that a query would be -in essence- an application-based filtered fetch. From a couple videos and guides, I see that they always create a query using an application (I guess it...
  3. Watch List 9.2 does not calculates

    Hi, I just created a simple watch list. I reviewed it by clicking WL flag icon. I can see it, but system only says : update in process and no counting records- WL color If someone have a clue, it will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance! Paul M.
  4. Gomer79

    Managing UDOs across environments especially when created in PD

    I have a question for those of you out there whose organizations are creating more user defined objects (UDO). Our users are creating grid formats and queries and soon watch lists and One View Reports and they are being created in the PD environment. We are starting to get requests for them to...
  5. Looking for examples of company shared Watchlists in JDE 9.1

    Friends. The company I work for is upgrading to EnterpriseOne 9.1, which as many of you know has some cool functionality built into the end user experience. One of the features we are particularly interested in utilizing are the E1 Watchlists. Does anyone have experience utilizing Watch lists at...