Which RF is best ?


I'm working at a client that is looking to utilize fairly basic RF technology in their manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities. They are upgrading to EnterpriseOne 9.2 currently.

The company is subject to FDA computer system validation and will likely need a few modifications to enable functional requirements from any base software packages. They are considering products from DSI, RF Smart and RF Gen.

I am seeking opinions and more importantly facts if available about which of the three mentioned providers products/platform is best and why.

Example questions:
Which software has the most "standard" scripts?
Which software platform is the most integrated to JDE out of the box?
Which development tools are the best and easiest to use by customers?

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I have used both DSI and RF Smart and they are both an excellent source of RF technology that integrates with JDE. They both have worked with JDE for many years so you should find them very viable and collaborative partners.