1. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher Desktop Not Working in Word After Install

    I am having an issue getting my BI Publisher Desktop working. I have installed the application from Oracle site but the ribbon/buttons are not showing up when I open MS Word. I am not sure if I messed up the installation or if it relates to some security that our operations group has...
  2. Terry DeMoure

    HUG Holiday Social Networking Event and Casino Party December 8th, 2002

    RSVP now for the HUG Holiday Social Networking Event and Casino Party on Dec 8th, 2002 from 4 - 8pm at Maggiano's. Oracle JDE users attend FREE. You will get a beautiful tumbler. Many great raffle giveaways including big screen TV, cooler and 20+ $150 - $200 gift cards. We look forward to seeing...
  3. Terry DeMoure

    HUG Wired for Success Newsletter Q12022 Part Two of Two

    Dear JDE Friends, Attached find the Wired For Success newsletter. You can see that a lot is happening! We hope you enjoy our articles and the creativity of the board and the sponsors. See attached. If you haven't already, reply with an email with the word YES in the message body to RSVP for...
  4. E1 JDB9900436 - Cannot determine database driver name for driver type "O"

    E1 JDB9900436 - Cannot determine database driver name for driver type "O" I installed the E1 Enterprise Server Platform Pack on Oracle Linux 7, same server as the Oracle Enterprise Db 12c I also installed...and later de-installed, then re-installed the Oracle 32-bit...
  5. Looking for good overview document on Tools 9.2.3

    I am looking for a good document that summarizes the features and benefits of the new Tools 9.2.3. I have read through the Oracle documents, but I am looking for a summary that I can present to my management and get them to sign off on it. Thanks.
  6. Terry DeMoure

    Registration Now Live for HUG 2017 Q3 Meeting

    Houston Regional Users Group 2017 Q3 Meeting of the Membership Thursday, August 24th 2017 8:00am - 2:00pm Hess Club 5430 Westheimer Boulevard Houston, TX You are invited to this incredible event that will convene IT and Business leaders and their direct reports in an intimate setting to...
  7. Terry DeMoure

    HUG Wired 4 Success Volume 9 2017 Q3

    Check out our newest issue of HUG Wired for Success Newsletter at http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/46e0a5_af199ee21925452c933c055129a80666.pdf
  8. Cycle Billing (R49700) and Taxes

    Hi list, do you know if standard Cycle Billing program (R49700) is somehow able to book taxes ? I'm interested in understanding whether a localized program exists in order to have VAT on goods shipped and as a consequence a way how to book F0018 table from Cycle Billing Journal Entries...
  9. pdf to Sales Order in JDE

    I have a customer who is looking for packaged solution that will integrate Purchase Order in pdf into JDE. I have worked with TransformAP from Bottomline Technologies for integrating paper invoices to JDE vouchers, I'd imagine there is similar integration solution for purchase order to JDE...
  10. Adding Sales Order Lines to P42101 Outside of Application

    Hi All, I have a requirement to enter header information from P421007 then take a form exit to another application I've built that contains a combination of F4101, F41021 fields (This app has additional functionality that filters the item list based on SRP codes but that isn't relevant for this...
  11. Terry DeMoure

    REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE - HUG 2016 Q3 Quarterly Meeting of the Membership

    Check out our exciting agenda attached and preregister online at RegOnline today. We hope to see you there. https://www.regonline.com/HUGQ3Y16
  12. JDExpert

    Which RF is best ?

    Hi, I'm working at a client that is looking to utilize fairly basic RF technology in their manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities. They are upgrading to EnterpriseOne 9.2 currently. The company is subject to FDA computer system validation and will likely need a few modifications...
  13. Convert Julian Date to YYYYMMDD

    Hi List, I need help converting a Julian Date into a String of YYYYMMDD for a positive pay text file. I know there isn't a business function that does this and I have tried different ways of doing it but have hit a dead end. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I am running OneWorld on...
  14. Terry DeMoure

    Sellable Items in Supply Chain Planning

    Can someone provide me some additional information on utilizing the Sellable Item designation in EnterpriseOne 9.0. Can this be easily used to prohibit sales of a particular item but not restrict manufacturing or purchase?
  15. Pointer not set, product activation x not found

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this before. We restored all JDE libraries from a v5r4 iseries to a new 740 running v7r1, upgraded from SP23 to the MTR SP24 ERP8.0, and ran code conversion again as recommended in the MTR. All the kernels come up and JDE runs (slowly). I continue to see...
  16. Pro-Actively Identifying Spec Corruption?

    Listeroos, We've all had it happen to us (at least, anyone that does a lot of development)... You check-in an object, have the package built - and find out that 'the magical magician from Oz' has cast a nasty spell over your specs, and the only word left to define them is... Corrupted? OK -...
  17. Terry DeMoure

    Ability To Update Original Promise Date On P4310 Enter/Inquire Purchase Orders

    I recall numerous discussions at the last two Collaborate conferences in the Industrial Manufacturing SIG meetings by users interested in Enhancement Request 290 on the Quest Enhancement Tool on QuestDirect.org dealing with adding the ability for users to modify the Original Promise Delivery...