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Which G/L class hit IH transaction type (R31802)

Bob Tsai

Active Member
Hi, dear oneworld user
We are JDE oneworld B7332 user,run JDE on WinNT & oracle platform.
I have a question about work order journal entry (work order completion)program in manufaction accounting module.
"Which G/L class hit IH transaction type when we run program R31802?"
When we run R31802,IM,IC are OK,accout figure of IH is right,but the account object of IH is blank,we check 3120 & 3401 of DMAAI,it seems right, we have setup the parent item G/L class in DMAAI,but it do not work.
We change G/L class to **** in 3120 & 3401, then the program worked.so we wonder which G/L class we should use in 3120 & 3401? we try all the G/L class, we found 3120 & 3401 use one of component's G/L class, the result is very difficult to understand. we search SAR "Title 1908130 R31802 errors on AAI 3401 System31", it said "set up in AAI 3401 against the WO
parent's GL Class code for the company in which the transaction takes place."

Hereinafter is my test data:
1. creat BOM and routing
A (IN10)
B(IN20) X 1 C(IN30) X 1
2. Cost rollup and frozen.
A1 3.00
X1 0.10
X2 0.20
X3 0.30
X4 0.40
Total 4.00
3. Creat work order, attach part list,issue material and work order compelet.
4. Run R31802 (journal entry), accout figure(X1,X2,X3,X4) of IH is right,but the account object of IH is blank
I hope some expert give me some suggestion.