R30837 WIP Revaluation Question



At installation of JDE in 2008 for some reason the company I am now working for chose to disable R30837 posting JEs to the G/L.

Now I'm pushing to turn this feature on, but we have special work orders set up that stay in status 40, and are used to issue material on the floor to specific accounts.

Let's say I have Work Order 1000 which has an AAI that tells all issued material to be put into a material usage variance account. The only accounting entries this work order does is a credit to inventory when issued, and a debit to material usage variance.

For some reason, when R30837 is running, Work Order 1000 shows up and it is attempting to revalue its WIP, even though the work order has never booked an entry to a WIP account.

Does anyone have any thoughts of why R30837 is revaluing work orders that do not touch WIP? I'm pushing my company to enable R30837 to post journal entries, but we really can't if it's going to book a bunch of entries for these special work orders that do not close that we use.

Thanks so much for any assistance :)


I know this is really probably a company specific issue, but just in case someone encounters something similar, here is what I used to remedy (I'm an accountant so sorry if my jargon is wrong)

I think at JDE inception a lot of users were not properly trained how to close work orders out, so instead of running them through overnight job batches, they simply set the status to 99 and called it a day.

I went through a list of all work orders in table F4801 and found any that were in status 99 and did not have the field "V F" (alias PPFG) set to 3, and had someone in IT SQL this field and manually set it to 3.