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There is one request I received from Finance Dept to reclassify the G/L Class of address book number.
For example, the supplier 123 with G/L Class PY03 - Affiliate Payable, will hit 4-113100.
Now, they want to move the supplier from PY03 to PR13 - Related Parties Payable to hit another account 4-113200.

What are the things I have to accomplish this task.

In my understanding (I'm just a developer), I have to do the following.
- Change GL class to PR13
- Setup AAI to hit new account.
- Do journal entry to move balance from old account to new account.

That's an unusual request for a developer. Changing the GL Class for a supplier or a group of suppliers and creating an AAI (if it doesn't exist already) is correct. The experience and knowledge of doing these tasks, as well as creating journals, would normally be in the Finance/Accounting department. I'm not sure about the need for a journal to move the balance to a new account. However all this can (and probably should) be done by Finance/Accounting users.

If there was a large number of suppliers to change, then a developer, or probably more appropriately a DBA, may make the changes.

If the GL class was being changed for all suppliers and the old GL class was no longer going to be used, then there would probably be a need for a journal to move the balance. But if that is not the case moving the balance would not be appropriate because it would include amounts for suppliers with the original GL Class unchanged. If there was a journal required to move the amounts related to the changes to the new account, the transactions that relate to the changes would need to be identified and summed and the result used in the journal. I doubt the accountants would required a separate journal for each transaction involved, but I've seen stranger requests.
That's not just all potentially. Does that supplier have any outstanding open AP? If so, then when it is paid, it will come out of the old GL class code GL account instead of the new one.
Is this for a consigned stock type issue? (stock you hold but is actually your customers/vendor owned)

You may have to reverse out the initial GL entries posted to the other accounts before the GL class change as well. But your finance team can tell you more about that and their wishes.

I've written my own consigned stock process that read through the cardex and then follows rules on suppliers, items and GL Class. I have to reverse out the initial receipt and consumption entries when I do it
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